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perforated soundadsorbing boa hl 1553
perforated sound-adsorbing board is made of excellent calcium silicate mother board through processing and poessesses excellent sound-adsorbing function. it has extremely optimal sound-adsorbing effect in low-and middle-sound frequency.
mechanical performance and indexes of hailong perforated sound-adsorbing board
name of product perforated rate
specific gravity
thermal conductivity
moisture content
incombustibility radioactivity
perforated sound-adsorbing board 2.3~20 1.2~1.4 0.3 10 conforming to
gb8624 a class
conforming to
gb6566-2001a class
dmension: 595×595 mm
603×603 mm
595×1195 mm
603×1206 mm
other specifications which can be consulted with customers
1、specialized sound-adsorbing
4、fire-proof, damp-proof
7、being light and easy in       installation and maintenance
5、abundant varieties
8、simple and easy installation and       maintenance
3、no dust-falling
6、long service life
1、wall board in the       environment
2、sound-adsorbing       requirement
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